REC Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics is mainly done on the following apparatuses:                    

  • Girls: floor, vault, bars, beam                                                 
  • Boys: floor, vault, rings, parallel bars, pommel horse, metal bar


5 - 8 Years (1 hr)

Fun and challenging circuit style gymnastics classes to work on strength, balance, coordination & flexibility. Gymnasts work towards Gymnastics New Zealand’s Gym Fun Badges.

9+ Years (1 hr)

Learn gymnastics skills in a fun & safe environment with children of similar abilities.

7+ / 9+/ 11+ Years Extended (1.5 hrs)

These classes allow for more conditioning, stretching, and working on more advanced skills. These gymnasts have the opportunity to compete in regional Recreational Competitions if they wish to however this is not a must!

Recreational Competitive Gymnastics - Selection Only 5+ Years (1.5 hrs)

These classes are more specialised & are for those with more advanced gymnastics abilities who wish to compete. The classes are more structured and your child will need to meet skill & strength criteria as determined by the Head Coach. Please phone the office should you wish to discuss this class for your child.

Adult class 16+ Years

For all ages and levels. Do you want to learn and improve gymnastics skills and improve your general fitness, coordination, flexibility, or strength? Then this fun and relaxed class is perfect for you!


Beginner:          Child has never done gymnastics before/ only done gymnastics for a few terms & is not overly confident

Intermediate:    Child has done gymnastics for at least 1 or 2 terms, is capable/confident on all equipment

Advanced:        Child has done gymnastics for at least 1 year, working towards advanced skills (e.g. somersaults)

Please note: Classes for more advanced Recreational gymnasts are usually at a later time of the day when the gym is not so busy & there is more access to equipment.