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Globally known as a fundamental movement sport, gymnastics provides the building blocks for all other sports, dance and martial arts. Through participation in our programmes,children become confident movers with strong bones and muscles, improved posture and balance, coordination and flexibility.  These benefits in child development are widely documented & are delivered in a fun and friendly way at ARGOS Gympsort. Our experienced coaches aim to provide your children with a holistic learning experience through exploration and play whilst being encouraged to be creative with their minds and bodies.

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Codes/ Types of classes

Recreational Gymnastics

Trampoline 7+ Years         

Tumbling 7+ Year              

Go Ninja 7+ Years             

Home-school classes      

Adult classes 16+ Years  


What to Wear

  • Please wear snug, comfortable clothing. No belts, buckles, zippers, jeans, skirts, wrist watches, or jewellery. Shorts and a t-shirt/ singlet are acceptable as are leotards or togs.
  • In cool winter months, named thermals are recommended.
  • Gymnasts participate in bare feet (+socks for trampoline).
  • Long hair must be tied back for safety and hygiene reasons.
  • Please bring your own named water bottle and make sure that you have had recent refreshments.
  • Children suffering from fatigue may not be able to partake in some / all activities.
  • Please wash dirty hands and feet before coming onto the floor.

Behaviour Expectations

  • Respect for Others  - Moderate voice level, take turns, use nice words & no hitting
  • Respect for Equipment - Share equipment, use equipment appropriately
  • Respect for Learning  - Listen to your coach, pay attention, try your best
  • Any dangerous behaviour towards anyone the coach reserves the right to send a gymnast off the floor immediately until further notice.

Registration Terms & Conditions

ARGOS Gymsport reserves the right to cancel any class that does not have a sufficient number of registrations. Participant's families will be notified and the children given a different class option should this occur. ARGOS guarantees a minimum of 8 weeks per term. Important - If you enrol in a class and you do not cancel in writing prior to the start of term, this will result in full payment being due. Refunds will only be approved upon the receipt of a medical certificate for injury/illness which prohibits a member from participating for the remainder of a term.

All fees are to be paid before each term starts. Any child with outstanding fees will not be able to continue participating in class until the fees are paid in full,
unless a payment plan is in place as agreed upon by the Admin Manager.