We are so proud of our competitive team!!

ARGOS offers competitive programmes for girls and boys in artistic gymnastics, trampoline, double mini and tumbling.

WAG: Athletes in our Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) from STEP 1 to STEP 9, have to opportunity to compete at events both regionally and nationally. Head coach JaNyce Johnson believes that connection is the key to a great WAG Team. "We support our gymnasts both physically and mentally. Our team culture is all about belonging and a good team culture creates champions. The qualities we want to develop in our gymnasts are resilience, courage, and tanacity while balancing it with team work, friendship and support".

MAG: Athletes in our Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) from Level 2 to Level 9, also have to opportunity to compete at events both regionally and nationally. Head coach Riley Maguire is proud of the team that has worked hard together over the past few years. "We have had a MAG Team at ARGOS for well over a two decades, and are avid supporters of Mens gymnastics. Mens gymnastics is all about strength and building power, making you better at all other sports you play."

TRAMPOLINE & TUMBLING: Trampoline gymnastics (TRA) involves a series of skills performed at thrilling heights, across 3 different disciplines.

Individual - Two routines are performed showing consistency of height, skill and minimum deviation from the centre of the trampoline bed.

Double-mini - A short run up on to a two-level mini trampoline to perform a rebounding skill before a dismount, on to a landing mat.

Tumbling - Gymnasts perform multiple somersaults and twists, down a straight track, showing control, skill and maintenance of tempo.


There are a number of ways to become part of our competitive team. We are always looking for talented gymnasts and will directly approach parents if we see a gymnast with natural talent. We do know, however, that not all gymnasts peak at the same time and we welcome gymnasts into the team who want to make gymnastics their sport and become part of our competitive culture. If this is your gymnast, please contact the office and we will arrange for a trial.